"Much more of the brain is devoted to movement than to language. Language is only a little thing sitting on top of this huge ocean of movement."

Oliver Sacks

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I'm Cheryl. What can I do for you today?


What is your reason for your visit?

  • I'm in pain. I need help today.
  • I've had enough of pain
  • I want to learn effective strategies for self-care
  • My body feels tight or uncomfortable
  • I'm stiff and tense
  • My doctor suggested exercise for my back or 'core'
  • I'm stressed
  • I suffer from anxiety
  • My 'posture'
  • I want to relax
  • pelvic floor issues
  • breathing issues
  • I'm struggling to walk, bend, twist and climb
  • I've tried to exercise and I can never stick to it
  • I don't know where to start with getting fit
  • I want to improve my health & well-being
  • I'm recovering from trauma or post-traumatic stress and would like to learn therapeutic movement
  • I love yoga, Pilates and mindfulness - this is interesting!
  • Im interested in mindful movement, conscious movement and embodied movement
  • I'm a movement teacher/health professional - I want to know more about Somatics and mind-body movement.

I have worked successfully with many clients to alleviate pain, stiffness and symptoms associated with a variety of health complaints.  You can peruse the testimonials and also read more here

How I can help


Who I am​​

I am someone who knows pain. 

It had me in a vice like grip for a number of years.  I was told I was 'broken', that physiotherapy could 'do nothing more for me' and I should 'start using a wheelchair.'  These are the actual words used by the health professionals working with me. 


It was incredibly disempowering to hear these words.  I felt lost and helpless. I could have taken what I was told to heart and given up on trying to get better.  Instead I researched.  I read.  I studied.  I experienced.  I learned.


Not only do I have authentic, first-person experience of the distress, fear and hopelessness of being pain - but also of GETTING BETTER.  I know about movement, the nervous system, pain mechanisms and how to decrease and manage symptoms.  Despite my existing experience and qualifications, I continue to study - with highly-regarded evidence- and science-based movement, rehab and pain specialists.  A thirst for knowledge is part of who I am and I will never stop learning. 

Other than that I enjoy the simple pleasures of family life, art, outdoors & nature, physical activity, walking and cats.  And I have a thing about hair colour.  I'm wondering, what shall I try next? (I mention that so you know it's me in all the photos!)

You can read more about my story and qualifications here

Are you ready to work with me?

  • Do you want to LEARN easy & pleasurable skills so you can move better and feel relaxed and well?


  • Do you want to LEARN efficient and effective movements that will help you ease pain and tension, mitigate the effects of stress and return to/continue with the activities you love?


  • Do you want to regain control over your symptoms and how you feel instead of having to see a clinician or therapist, or take time off work every time your symptoms flare up or your back 'goes out'?


  • If you have to take medication to stop you from feeling bad, would you like to redress the balance by taking action yourself that makes you feel good?


  • Are you ready to begin a process of education and empowerment with ongoing support, resources and materials to work on by yourself as well as in the sessions?

Let's do this!  Get in contact today!

Cheryl Xx


GP Referral Back Pain Exercise Specialist - REPS Level 4 -1:1 - Personal training - Bespoke Back Care and Pain Relief Programmes - Neuro-muscular Re-education -  Exercise Therapy - Mindfulness Skills - Relaxation Skills - Pain Education - Movement Education - Functional Movement - Somatic Movement - Workshops  - Dru Yoga Classes - Pilates Classes - Somatics -  Somatics Classes - Clinical Somatic Education - Courses

Loughborough, Charnwood, Leicestershire, East Midlands

Through a combination of  targeted therapeutic touch, pain education and carefully considered movement coaching - all based in neuroscience - I help you to understand your nervous system:  what it responds well and not so well to.  When you are more aware of this, you are in a position to give it more of what it likes, so you can learn to create vitality, well-being and comfort in your own body.  


I support and guide you through a process of education, change and improvement to your functioning. 

It's all about YOU!  The first step is listening to you and understanding your particular circumstances and situation. 

Then I help you feel better, so you can begin to develop trust in your body's ability to recover and improve, and make some sense of your symptoms.


Finally I teach you skills that you can use for the rest of your life so you can continue to self-regulate, feel good, and get even better.

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Specialist in exercise for back pain (REPS L4)

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