I am currently only teaching online.

I will be returning to 1:1 in-person sessions when the covid situation is stable.


1:1 in-person packages for rehabilitation, better movement, pain, stress relief and managing physical symptoms associated with anxiety and trauma


Move well. Feel good. Enjoy more. Rediscover the activities you love.


The What:

Clinical Somatic Movement Education (also know as Hanna Somatic Education) addresses functional muscular control. It is useful for better movement and improved performance, but also for issues of pain and tightness that could be caused by habituated/protective bracing, underuse/overuse of muscle groups, prolonged inactivity, maladaptive/dysfunctional movement patterns, stress/anxiety, unconscious tension and muscular spasm.

Taking a holistic and research-informed approach, I help clients address functional patterns, daily movements and the beliefs, fears and associated lifestyle factors that make up their individual experience of pain/stress/anxiety.

Therapeutic Neuroscience Education empowers the individual with knowledge. When you understand WHY you are hurting, feeling stress or experiencing anxiety and trauma - what makes it better and what makes it worse - you are in a better position to recover.

Mindfulness and relaxation skills help dial down anxiety and can contribute to reducing pain intensity.

The right doses of cardiovascular exercise and strength training offer a range of improvements for body and mind.

The How:

You will undergo an individually tailored process of education - whether for pain relief, better muscle control, improved movement patterns, embodiment, self-calming, relaxation or well-being  - that is best taken as a package of several sessions.   The practitioner's goal is to teach you how to manage conditions yourself, restoring locus of control to YOU and empowering self-efficacy. The first sessions is 90 minutes and includes a consultation & assessment followed by the requisite assisted/guided movement & purposeful touch, coaching, education,  exercises/functional movements that suits your individual needs. Follow up sessions continually build on and expand on what has gone before, and are also around 90 minutes.


The Why:

You want to understand what is going on in your body and what will reduce/increase your symptoms. You want to feel good, move confidently and fearlessly,  be able to manage your symptoms or flare ups and do the activities you enjoy.

Suitable for: muscular aches and pains; chronic pain; pain caused by compression of joints and structures; postural issues; back, neck, shoulder & hip pain; sciatica; frozen shoulder; altered gait; tension headaches; shallow breathing; repetitive strain; easing the physical symptoms of stress & anxiety

Package Offers

I have a unique set of skills to draw upon when I work with you to co-create your individually tailored programme.

I have taken CPD courses in nervous system sensitisation, neurodynamic movement and pain education with Noi Group, and Cognitive Functional Therapy with Professor Peter O'Sullivan, which greatly inform the way I work.

I am qualified for GP Referral at REPS Level 4, specialising in functional movement and exercises for low back pain. I am also a yoga & pilates teacher, teacher of Mindfulness Skills, Somatic Movement Coach and Clinical Somatic Educator, following a 3 year training with the international teacher, Martha Peterson.

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