NEW CLASS FOR 2017!!! Mindful Movement Monday


Monday mornings 10.00am -11.15am.

Classes running in term time.


Gorse Covert Community Centre, Maxwell Drive, LE11 4RZ.


1 hr 15 mins.

Block 1: 4 sessions between Jan 16th and Feb 6th

Block 2: 7 sessions between 20th Feb and 3rd April

Block 3: 10 sessions between 24th April - 10th July


Contact me. I will send sign up and payment details.

Payment in advance to confirm bookings.


In 2017 I'm going to start the week as I mean to go on with Mindful

Movement Mondays: a relaxing, feel-good class for tension release,

mobility, flexibility, better movement and increased well-being.

The class blends a typical Hanna Somatics class with elements of pranayama and yoga nidra.

Hanna Somatics is a mindful movement modality based in neuroscience. The target of the practice is the nervous system. A key element is awareness, both of movement and sensation, so the sensory and motor maps of the body in the brain receive beneficial reorganization. We also teach 'pandiculation' - a nervous system reset for a more comfortable resting muscle length without strain, forcing or stretching.


The movements taught are designed to re-stimulate areas of common 'sensory motor amnesia' in the body.  Sensory motor amnesia is a Somatics term to describe those hard-to-reach areas that have become tight/stiff, seem in constant need of stretching or are inhibited and lack movement. They are no longer under the full control of the brain and are unable to contract and relax in the full range. Somatics helps to bring these areas back on line.


It's relaxing, it's interesting and it's pleasurable.

Maybe you'd like to:

  • make positive changes in the New Year?

  • reduce the effects of stress.

  • learn to relax.

  • feel calmer.

  • meditate but find it difficult to sit.

  • slow down the pace of your life.

  • move more.

  • try an enjoyable yet therapeutic movement practice.

  • feel greater comfort in your body.

  • get back to activities you love.

  • learn easy, therapeutic movements that you can do on your own.

  • to stop multitasking and start focussing.

  • start a new activity with a with a friend.

  • Maybe you've read about Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and think it could help you.

  • Maybe you're stiff or feel less flexible than you used to be, and want to regain flexibility and mobility.

  • Maybe you'd like your body to feel less tense.

  • Maybe your nervous system feels jittery and on red alert, and you'd like to wind it down.

  • Maybe your doctor has suggested you take up Yoga or Pilates.

  • Maybe you already move quite a lot...but there are still parts of you not getting full movement nutrition.

  • Maybe you already do lots of vigorous exercise, and are looking for a counterpoint.

  • Maybe you suffer from aches and pains...

  • ...or maybe you are living with persistent pain.

  • Maybe you're sick of the cult of 'busy'.

  • Maybe you'd like a slow start to the week with a lazy, nurturing, therapeutic class and a nice cup of coffee and chat at the café next door.

  • Maybe you just want to move, relax and enjoy.


Yoga mat


What participants in courses, classes and workshops say:

"Clear and concise instruction, supported with invaluable written and visual material to assist practice at home."

"Highly recommend that you try a workshop or class if you have a particular problem or just want to understand how your body moves and how to care for it!"

"Lovely ambiance and follow up support."

"It is like someone has taken off a suit of armour. I have more energy and it seems the years have just rolled back."

"I love doing the exercises and am so pleased I have found a way to help myself – and remind myself that life does not have to be so hard!!"

"After the session yesterday I realise this is a muscular problem, which makes me feel confident I can overcome it."

"Everything that we do is explained clearly and delivered in a fun but professional way."

"I really felt as though I was walking tall.  My posture improved, tension just melted away and I felt relaxed and stress-free."

"Informative, enlightening, exciting, refreshing."

"I have been astonished by the results."

"I find the exercises are like a meditation, you do need to slow down and focus, I really enjoy doing them.  Somatics is an amazing gift!"

"I was skeptical at first that something which seems as simple and easy to learn as Somatics would work, but it has!"


Yoga Classes​​

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Pain Educator, Yoga Teacher,

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Specialist in exercise for back pain (REPS L4)

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