My Online Sevices

  • Let's talk about you and how my services could help you.

    30 min

  • Personalised Movement Education in the comfort of your own home

    2 hr

    80 British pounds
  • Follow up session after assessment and first session

    1 hr

    60 British pounds

Online Packages

Use the Book Online Facility above for booking a free consultation, and assessment with session or a single follow-up session. However, if you intend to take more than 1 session, it will work out cheaper to buy a package.

The bigger reason to invest in a package with me is that creating realistic personalised prescriptions, based on your unique needs, goals, symptoms and life situation is my absolute speciality. I have been in teaching and education for 25 years of my adult life. Not only do I have extensive subject knowledge, skills and training, I also understand behaviour change, habit formation and how to make things stick. I work with YOU as an individual.

I have 3 Package offers in total : 3, 6 or 10 sessions, in either pure Somatics, or the other Mind-body skills I offer. As well as the reasons outlined above, buying a package with me has other advantages:

  • You save money

  • I will ringfence your preferred appointment times in advance

  • There will be continuity in the learning between appointments

  • I supply resources to support your development and learning

  • You will have access to me for queries between sessions

  • It will help YOU commit to yourself

  • Your session content will be individually tailored to suit YOU

  • Of course, you get to keep the recording of your session

  • Most of all - I've done what you want to do. I'm fitter at 48 years old than I was at 38, or even 28. I know how to recover from pain, live well with chronic disease, lose weight and get fit. I can help you do it, too.




  • Package of 3 x 60 minute Somatics Sessions or Skills Sessions £160

  • Package of 6 x 60 minute Somatics Sessions or Skills Sessions £310

  • Package of 1 x 1 hour consultation PLUS 10 x 1 hour Somatics Sessions or Skills Sessions £470 (installments possible)




Why work with me?

You want to work with:

  • a Registerd Somatic Movement Educator with ISMETA

  • an evidence-based Registered Exercise Referral Practitioner with CIMSPA (Formerly Register of Exercise Professionals)

  • a empathetic, experienced and effective teacher, and teacher trainer, who know what is involved in teaching,learming and habit formation

  • someone skilled and well-qualified in the field of movement: evidence-based exercise rehabilitation  for back pain, anxiety, depression and cancer; yoga; Pilates; mindfulness; Hanna Somatics; exercise for strength and cariodvascular fitness

  • a practitioner with an unusual overview of a range of disciplines and the evidence-base for them

  • a teacher with ongoing interest in research about pain, stress, anxiety, trauma, rehabilitation, neuroscience & movement

  • a person with commitment to continuing professional development

  • Someone who knows pain, stress and anxiety from first person experience, and has successfully overcome these issues

  • Someone who will treat you as an individual, personalizing the experience to your needs

  • Someone who has their own established mindfulness, movement and exercise practices  -  walking the talk, practising what is being preached!

  • Someone who is committed to you - the client -  supporting you during and beyond the session with resources, materials and advice

  • Someone whose knowledge and skills are current, and worth your time and money


Contact me directly to book in dates or make any further inquiries.

Cheryl Lee

07949 895170

  • Registered Somatic Movement Educator

  • Registered Exercise Referral Practitioner

  • Mindfulness Teacher

  • Pain Educator

  • Yoga Teacher

  • Pilates Professional

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