1:1 Clinical Somatic Education

Move well. Feel good. Enjoy more. Rediscover the activities you love.

Most clients experience some relief from their discomfort in a single session.  HOWEVER, in one session there is not enough time to teach the client the skills to self-regulate. 

A course of sessions is the best way to approach Somatics.  After 4 sessions, each addressing a different aspect/plane of the body with therapeutic touch, neuromuscular re-education and coaching, the client has developed some skills in reading their own body and has a few movements to do to relieve their symptoms. 

By 8 sessions, the client has a much greater understanding of factors contributing to their pain/discomfort and confidence in using a range of movements and strategies to address their needs. They can self-regulate.

Typically after 8 sessions, we will have covered:

  • Flexors muscles

  • Extensor muscles

  • Walking/gait pattern

  • Lateral trunk musculature

  • Stress/Pain/nervous system sensitisation mechanisms

  • Education relating to movement, the brain & the body

  • How to do Somatic Movement effectively by oneself

  • Relaxation skills

  • Coping strategies

  • Functional movement patterns and co-ordination

A Client Experience of Clinical Somatic Education

"Firstly can't thank you enough for today's session. It was an eye opener!! and thank you
for the links you sent, too.

Please find my answers to the questions below:

What is coming to class is like compared to any other class you have attended?
Firstly I came for Somatics Classes without a clue about Somatics!! I thought it would be like a yoga class. I was pleasantly surprised. In other classes its more like no pain no gain but in the Somatics classes itsmore about comfort and ALLOWING your body to do the movements which I find great!

What you have discovered about movement in class?
That greater movement can be achieved by consciously allowing the body
rather than forcing it.

What did you think Clincial Somatics would be like?
I had no pre-conceptions and definitely didn't think it would be
the way it was. It was very thorough and the affects were amazing.

How it is different from class?
I found that it was a lot more hands-on and thorough. (hope I'm making sense!)

How did you find the Clinical Somatics session?
It was wonderful and I would definitely recommend it to others. There was a feeling
of openness in my body and mind! Felt totally relaxed all day!

How does Clinical Somatics differs from any other therapy you have had before?
I've only had physiotherapy before but I feel with Clinical Somatics I could achieve
more movement as I wasn't tensing and forcing my muscles. And I've learnt so much
from this session.