"The least movement is of importance to all nature. The entire ocean is affected by a pebble."

Blaise Pascale

Why work with me?

Price list

1:1 tailored packages to meet your individual needs

Movement and pain education for pain relief; rehabilitation; better movement; increased flexibility and mobility;  stress/trauma/anxiety resilience; mindfulness skills; relaxation skills; well-being.


  • release muscular tension

  • ease tight muscles

  • breathe efficiently

  • reduce aches and pains

  • find relief from sporting niggles, back pain, sciatica, herniated discs, neck pain, frozen shoulder, hip pain, TMJ and a range of other conditions

  • promote well-being and relaxation

  • have a better understanding of what contributes and what alleviates

  • feel comfortable in your body

  • reduce pain and manage symptoms better

  • restore muscular balance to the body

  • improve core control

  • improve pelvic floor control

  • improve your ability to be relaxed in your posture

  • improve co-ordination

  • increase mobility

  • move more easily

  • do your daily activities and hobbies with ease and in comfort


The first session is 90 minutes and includes a thorough consultation and assessment, and movements/ exercises/therapeutic touch tailored to your individual needs.

Offers prices based on:

£70 for 90 min consultation/movement session

£55 per follow up session (90 minutes)

  • Offer 1, 6 sessions: £290 1 session FREE!

  • Offer 2, 8 sessions: £345 2 sessions FREE!

Find out more about 1:1 packages here

Break it down and do the Maths

You could be getting  an average of 12 hours of focussed attention, rehabilitation and education for a total of £345.  That is less than £28 per hour!! When you consider how much you would pay for the equivalent time and expertise in yoga therapy, massage, physio, chiropractic, acupuncture, cranio-sacral therapy, personal training or osteopathy, this offer represents AMAZING value. 

On top of the face to face sessions you have e-mail support and are sent materials and resources.


Package Offers
Crisis Treatment

Your back/neck/shoulder/hip is in crisis. You need some skilled manual work to ease off the tension so you can get going again.

More info here

£50 for 60 minute treatment

You want to work with:

  • a well-qualified therapist and educator

  • an empathetic, experienced and effective teacher

  • someone highly skilled in the field of movement

  • a practitioner with an overview of a range of disciplines

  • a teacher with ongoing interest in research about pain, stress, anxiety, trauma, rehabilitation, neuroscience & movement

  • a professional commitment to continuing professional development

  • Someone who knows pain, stress and anxiety from first person experience, and has successfully overcome these issues

  • Someone who will treat you as an individual, personalizing the experience to your needs

  • Someone who has their own established mindfulness, movement and exercises practices  -  walking the talk, practising what is being preached!

  • Someone who is committed to you - the client -  supporting you during and beyond the session with resources, materials and advice

  • Someone whose knowledge and skills are worth your time and money

1:1 Skills Classes

Unlike my packages, where the emphasis is on education and progression through a responsive programme tailored to your individual needs, these sessions offer more of a 'drop-in' taster experience. Taking one session might be a good way to dip your toe in before signing up to a package.

  • Introductory Somatic Movement Class

  • Expand your Movement Somatic Movement Class

  • Choose Your Target Area Somatics Class -  neck/shoulders/arms & hands/back/hips/legs/feet/head: mouth, tongue,jaw,eyes/breathing

  • Stress Management Skills

  • Restorative Movement in Sitting

  • Breathing for Relaxation and Stress Relief

  • Breathwork for Anxiety

  • Embodiment Skills - The Benefits of Body Scanning

  • Mindfulness Skills - Foundations for a Personal Practice in Mindfulness of the Breath, Self-Compassion and Loving Kindness

  • Mindfulness Skills - Foundations for a Personal Practice Self-Compassion and Loving Kindness

  • Experience Autogenic Relaxation

  • Pelvic Floor

  • Improve Your 'Core'

  • Posture, Standing & Alignment 

  • Functional Movement - Performing Activities of Dailiy Life in Comfort

  • Morning Mobilisation

  • Evening Wind-Down

  • Absolute Beginners - Starting to Exercise

Choose which class.

Turn up.


£50 for 60 minute class

£140 - choose 3 classes

£380 - take 10 classes

1:1 Classes On-line

If you don't have a Clinical Somatic Educator in your area, you can take personalised sessions online.

A great way to work as you you get the recording of the class to keep! Times to suit you.

Summer Offer Prices:

£45 for 90 minute consultation and first session

£135 - for 3 x 1 hour follow up classes

£270 - for 6 x 1 hour follow up classes

Standard prices resume September 2019.

£65 for 90 minute consultation and first session

£180 - for 3 x 1 hour follow up classes

£315 - for 6 x 1 hour follow up classes

Refresher Sessions

You have already taken a package of sessions with me and have experienced some clinical somatic education protocols as well as movement sessions.

Right now you:

  • want to brush up on your technique.

  • have just been through a stressful time or are in recovery from an accident/surgery and would like to take the 3 Clinical Somatic protocols to get you moving well again.

  • simply enjoy the restorative movement and education of the sessions and would like to do some more.

  • have progressed so much and want to learn even more.

£55 per 90 minute session

£150 for 3 sessions

£200 for 4 sessions

£270 for 6 sessions (£45 per session)

Introductory Session

Not sure whether individualised  sessions will suit you?

Dip your toe in.

2 hour consultation + treatment/exercises/ education

More info here

£80 for the 2 hour session

Sorry, no current workshops.
Workshops from 2018.
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Cheryl Lee 07949 895170

Somatic Educator, Movement Coach,

Pain Educator, Yoga Teacher,

Pilates Professional,

Specialist in exercise for back pain (REPS L4)

Qualified for GP Referral (REPS L3)

Functional Movement Coach

Based in Loughborough


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