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Paid Offerings

I offer worskhops, live courses, on-demand video collections and 1:1 services for your relaxation, movement, mind-body and wellbeing needs.

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Courses and Workshops

★Indulgent Somatics Relaxation Workshop

★Introductory Somatics Workshop

★Learn the Somatics Cat Stretch Full 10 session course

★6 Week Restorative Movement for the Perimenopause (Coming Soon)


Learning Community for Paid Courses

Motivation & Adherence


Dialogue, Q&A, Feedback


On Demand Videos

★Breathing for Anxiety & Stress Relief

★Gentle Movement for Pain Relief

★Learn Somatics Cat Stretch pre-recorded full course

★5 Somatics Classes - Beginner to advanced

★Try Somatics short course


1:1 Appointments

★Introductory Session



Free Offerings


PDF Guides

★Breathing at your Desk

★Pigeon Breath

★Try Somatics

Online Yoga

YouTube Channel

Lockdown has hit many of us hard in the pocket. Courses and classes are a  I place my classes free to view on YouTube for a couple of weeks before archiving them to on-demand collections.

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Free Try Somatics Group on Facebook

★Learn 4 foundational movements.

★Get a flavour of slow, deliberate somatic movement.