Introductory Session

Interested in Clinical Somatic Education but unsure about buying into a package?  Try my introductory session.

A 2 hour, fully personalised session involving consultation, gait assessment, palpation, postural assessment, testing for restriction in the body followed by a clinical protocol/treatment/movement coaching/teaching to suit the greatest need.  No two sessions are alike and the content is absolutely tailored to the individual. The idea is to give a sample session to people considering a package for pain relief, stress relief, better movement or relaxation skills.

It is impossible to explain what a package of 1:1 sessions will be like, as the  process of movement and nervous system education, coaching and learning unfolds and develops uniquely with each individual client.  However, after requests from several clients I have decided to offer this Introductory Session to give a flavour of what sessions are like and help clients in their decision making process.

£80 for a 2 hour session