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To schedule a FREE 30 minute consultation or assessment and session appointment, please contact me directly.

1:1 Sessions Online

Talk to me to see how I can help!

Book a FREE 30 minute Zoom consultation.

Or dive in with a 120 minute session where we will discuss your symptoms, assess your movement and I will instruct you in some therapeutic movements  to give you an immediate strategy to start turning the volume down on your pain.

You keep the lesson recording to use again and again!

Standard Prices:

£80 for 120 minute consultation session

£60 for 60 minute follow-up session


1:1 Rehabilitation & Education Packages


Get better value and continuity of learning with a package. Have a consultation with me first to talk about options. Your package will be entirely tailored to YOU.

The bigger reason to invest in a package with me is that creating realistic personalised prescriptions, based on your unique needs, goals, symptoms and life situation is my absolute speciality. I have been in teaching and education for 25 years of my adult life. Not only do I have extensive subject knowledge, skills and training, I also understand behaviour change, habit formation and how to make things stick. I work with YOU as an individual.

I have 3 Package offers in total : 3, 6 or 10 sessions, in either pure Somatics, exercise programming or any of the the other Mind-body skills I offer (See below for session ideas). As well as the reasons outlined above, buying a package has other advantages:

  • You save money

  • I will ringfence your preferred appointment times in advance

  • There will be continuity in the learning between appointments

  • I supply resources to support your development and learning

  • You will have access to me for queries between sessions

  • Investing in yourself will help YOU commit long-tern to making changes

  • Your session content will be individually tailored to suit YOU

  • Of course, you get to keep the recording of your session


Package of 3 x 60 minute Sessions £160

Online Yoga

Package of 6 x 60 minute Sessions £310

Physiotherapy Session

Package of  1 x 2 hour consultation/assessment PLUS 9 x 1 hour education/rehabilitation sessions  £470

payment by installments possible
(contact me directly to arrange)

Learn mind-body skills for pleasure or rehabilitation! 

I am trained in a range of mind-body modalities which have evidence for complementary use in the management of pain, stress, anxiety, trauma.  Your health professional or therapist may have suggested these skills alongside your medical treatment.

Yoga, breathwork and mindfulness skills are often suggested by health professionals. I can teach you basic skills in a one-off session, OR tailor specifically to your needs in multiple sessions over a period of time. We can also do Somatics, relaxation techniques, stress management, exercise.... It is completely up to you!  I can of course help you work out what is right for you.

Choose from topic areas such as:

  • Introductory Somatic Movement Class

  • Expand your Movement Somatic Movement Class

  • Choose Your Target Area Somatics Class -  neck/shoulders/arms & hands/back/hips/legs/feet/head: mouth, tongue, jaw, eyes/breathing

  • Get parasympathetic - techniques to work with the vagus nerve

  • Move your lymph - techniques to improve lymphatic drainage

  • Improve Your 'Core'

  • Posture, Standing & Alignment

  • Functional Movement - Performing Activities of Daily Life in Comfort

  • Morning Mobilisation  (Bed)

  • Morning Mobilisation (Standing)

  • Evening Wind-Down (Standing and floor)

  • Bedtime Wind-Down (in bed)

  • Yoga Sun Salutation (invigorating)

  • Stress Management Skills - Tools for balancing your life

  • Restorative Movement in Sitting

  • Breathing for Relaxation and Stress Relief

  • Breathwork for Anxiety

  • Embodiment Skills - The Benefits of Body Scanning

  • Mindfulness Skills - Foundations for a Personal Practice in Mindfulness of the Breath, Self-Compassion and Loving Kindness

  • Experience Autogenic Relaxation

  • Pelvic Floor Awareness

  • Gentle mindful movement sequence (standing)

  • Yoga Earth Sequence (calming)

  • Preparing for and starting a succesful exercise programme

  • Tips for tired eyes



You could choose to cover an area in depth with each session building on the last, for example:

10 Session Scenarios

  • Learn Thomas Hanna's somatics routine, 'The Cat' in depth, so you can do you own longer, restorative and therapeutic practices as well as short daily mobility maintenance.

  • Exercise prescription for back pain, stress, anxiety, depression.

  • Mind-body strategies, stress management, pain relief, coping skills, movement and exercise in fibromyalgia/chronic pain.

  • Ease pain and move better after long-standing back pain.

  • Starting to exercise: confidence in movement for the complete beginner.

6 Session Scenarios

  • Pilates pelvic floor, core and posture

  • Relief and management of a painful shoulder

  • Get back on track after acute back pain

  • Learn how to do the activities of daily life with more ease

  • Starting strength: learn bodyweight exercises

  • Mindfulness-based stress reduction

3 Session Scenarios

  • Learn some relaxation techniques - skills for life!

  • Get going in the morning! Learn some movement routines for morning energy.

  • Switch off at night! Learn some simple routines and skills for winding down before bed.

  • More comfort in sitting