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1:1 Somatics Sessions Online

Talk to me to see how I can help!

Book a FREE 30 minute Zoom consultation.

Or dive in with a 90 minute session where we will discuss your symptoms, assess your movement and I will instruct you in some therapeutic movements  to give you an immediate strategy to start turning the volume down on your pain.

You keep the lesson recording to use again and again!

Standard Prices:

£15 video consultation alone

£80 for 90 minute consultation session

£60 for 60 minute follow-up session


COVID -19 Offer Prices (until August 2020):

FREE video consultation alone

£55 for 90 minute assessment and session

£45 for 60 minute follow up session


Somatics Packages

Get better value and continuity of learning with a package. Have a consulation with me first to talk about options. Your package will be entirely tailored to you.


Package of 3 x 60 minute Somatics Sessions £180

Package of 6 x 60 minute Somatics Sessions  £315

Package of  1 x 2 hour consultation/assessemt PLUS 9 x 1 hour Somatics Sessions  £470


Mind-Body Skills Sessions Online

I am trained in a range of mind-body modalities which have evidence for complementary use in the management of pain, stress, anxiety, trauma.  Your health professional or therapist may have suggested these skills alongside your medical treatment.

Yoga, breathwork and mindfulness skills are often suggested by health professionals. I can teach you basic skills in a one-off session, OR tailor specifically to your needs in multiple sessions over a period of time.

Choose from:
~Introductory Somatic Movement Class
~Expand your Movement Somatic Movement Class
~Choose Your Target Area Somatics Class -  neck/shoulders/arms & hands/back/hips/legs/feet/head: mouth, tongue,jaw, eyes/breathing
~Stress Management Skills - Tools for balancing your life
~Restorative Movement in Sitting
~Breathing for Relaxation and Stress Relief
~Breathwork for Anxiety
~Embodiment Skills - The Benefits of Body Scanning
~Mindfulness Skills - Foundations for a Personal Practice in Mindfulness of the Breath, Self-Compassion and Loving Kindness
~Experience Autogenic Relaxation
~Pelvic Floor Awareness
~Improve Your 'Core'
~Posture, Standing & Alignment
~Functional Movement - Performing Activities of Dailiy Life in Comfort
~Morning Mobilisation  (Bed)
~Morning Mobilisation (Standing)
~Evening Wind-Down (Standing and floor)
~Bedtime Wind-Down (in bed)
~Yoga Sun Salutation (invigorating)

~Gentle mindful movement sequence (standing)
~ Yoga Earth Sequence (calming)

Package of 3 x 60 minute Somatics Sessions £180

Package of 6 x 60 minute Somatics Sessions or Skills Sessions £315

Package of 11 x Somatics Sessions or Skills Sessions £470



Cheryl Lee 07949 895170

Somatic Educator, Movement Coach, Mindfulness Teacher,

Pain Educator, Yoga Teacher,

Pilates Professional,

Specialist in exercise for back pain (REPS L4)

Qualified for GP Referral (REPS L3)

Functional Movement Coach

Based in Loughborough


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