1:1 Online Sessions

Though Movement Education through Somatics is growing around the world, you may not yet have a fully qualified and experienced Clinical Somatic Educator in your area. If you would like to investigate how movement education could help you with issues such as back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, SI joint issues, TMJ dysfunction and sciatica, online sessions via Zoom are now an option.

 A fully personalised 90 minute online session includes:

  • Postural assessment

  • Assessment of your gait, if computer viewing allows

  • Health history

  • Personalized movement lesson focusing on your particular patterns

  • Relevant self-care advice e.g. regarding sitting, standing or daily functional movement

  • Access to session recordings - invaluable for your learning

To Prepare:

  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing for easy movement.

  • Clear a space on the floor with enough room for you to lie down and spread your arms without touching anything.  To ensure comfort, I recommend using a yoga mat.

  • Make sure your space is quiet and without distractions. (Focused, uninterrupted concentration will help you get the most out of your session.)

  • Ask a friend or partner to assist you with positioning  the computer so your movement can be viewed.

  • Pay online before your scheduled appointment.

  • Timings to suit you.

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Summer 2020

30 minute consultation - FREE

£55 - 90 minute assessment and introductory session

£150 - for 3 x 1 hour follow up classes

£270 - for 6 x 1 hour follow up classes


Standard Prices:

£15 - consultation

£80 for 90 minute assessment and first session

£180 - for 3 x 1 hour follow up classes

£315 - for 6 x 1 hour follow up classes

£470 - 2 hour consultation, assessment and introductory session, plus 9 x 1 hour follow up personally tailored sessions

Cheryl Lee 07949 895170

Somatic Educator, Movement Coach, Mindfulness Teacher,

Pain Educator, Yoga Teacher,

Pilates Professional,

Specialist in exercise for back pain (REPS L4)

Qualified for GP Referral (REPS L3)

Functional Movement Coach

Based in Loughborough


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