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Learn Somatics - Thomas Hanna's Cat Stretch Series - a 10 session live online course


10 weeks: 1 x 120min Introductory Session & 9 x 90 minute classes

Mondays from 10th Jan, 2022 (NO CLASS 14/02/22)

6.30pm London Time

Live online

★Catch up if you miss a class via recordings

★Lifetime access to the recordings and course

★Much more than classes! This is a learning experience enabling self-efficacy and skills for life

★Explanatory videos & troubleshooting

★Q & A with instructor

★Learning community

Relaxing, feel-good, mind-body movement for stress & tension release, mobility, flexibility, better movement, improved coordination, greater bodily comfort and an increased sense of well-being.

You have been meaning to start a practice of restorative movement and self-care... but it doesn't seem to happen. Learning in a community is a much more motivating way to stick your goals.


On top of that - the learning is progressive. You are not merely attending a class. (Though if this is your goal - fabulous! Welcome!) Each live interactive Zoom session builds on the previous one - giving you the confidence to build your own Somatics practice. You can feed back, ask questions, troubleshoot or just interact in between sessions in the dedicated private Facebook group.

Over the sessions we will cover:

⬤ Staying comfortable and safe in your practice
⬤ Flexors - improving control of the muscles at the front of the body.
⬤ Extensors - improving control of the muscles at the back of the body.

⬤ The waist & trunk rotation
⬤ Hips and legs

⬤ Shoulders & neck
⬤ Using breath and imagery
⬤ The activities of daily life

⬤ Standing and walking
⬤ An invigorating, revitalising daily practice
⬤ A relaxing, soothing and comforting practice



Philosophy professor and Feldenkrais practitioner, Thomas Hanna, developed this mindful movement modality with a basis in neuroscience. The target of the practice is the nervous system. A key element is awareness, both of movement and sensation, so the sensation and movement maps of the body in the brain (cortical maps) receive beneficial, novel input and are given the chance to reorganize and improve. Better movement maps = better movement. Simply put, that means that your brain senses and moves more of your self, with the result that you move better, in more comfort, and with a greater range of motion. Your movement options increase, as different movement possibilities are uncovered, rediscovered or enabled.

We teach the skill of  'pandiculation' - a nervous system reset for a more comfortable resting muscle length without strain. This is a skill that can be learned or relearned and integrated into your bodily experience for better movement.

The movements taught are designed to re-stimulate areas of common 'sensory motor amnesia' in the body. Sensory motor amnesia is a somatics term to describe those hard-to-reach areas that seem to have have become tight/stiff, and feel in constant need of stretching, or are inhibited and lack movement. They are no longer under the full control of the brain and are unable to contract and relax in the full range. Somatics helps to bring these areas back 'online' - into the brain's view of its real estate.

It's relaxing, it's interesting and it's pleasurable!


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In his book, Somatics -Reawakening the Mind's Control of Movement, Flexibility and Health, Thomas Hanna introduces his technique of pandiculation, and the 'Cat Stretch' - a sequence of somatic movements designed to 'wake up' all the muscle groups of the body, or wind down at the end of the day. These movements can be condensed into a short sequence that you can do to prepare your body to move.

I call that the 'yang' version of the cat series. We stimulate the nervous system, reawaken, revistalise and remind the brain of its movement options.

Alternatively you can enjoy a longer, more indulgent and relaxing 'yin' style.

I will teach you how to access both.

We will begin with a yin style class, without much explanation, just for the experience. Over the weeks I will teach an extended session of each movement so you can experience, sense and understand each part better. There will be opportunity to share experiences or ask questions. this will be at the end of the class or in the dedicated Facebook group.

We will also look at how you can use these movements throughout your day, and how you can establish a simple and effective home practice to suit your lifestyle and goals.