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Updated: Oct 22, 2020

What I do

Hi. I’m Cheryl and my business is Mind Body Movement.

I can help you to :

⬤ Ease pain

⬤ Move better

⬤ Lean to Relax

⬤ Feel well

⬤ Get back to activities that bring joy to your life

My personal experience

I know what it means to hurt in your body. To feel terribly restricted and limited. To fear movement. To suffer the anxiety, mental anguish and retreat from life that so often accompany physical pain. I also know how it feels to get better.

Skills and qualifications

Personal experience helps of course, but it is more important to have the appropriate qualifications, knowledge and understanding. As well as my qualifications in a range of mind-body movement modalities, I also have an understanding of the mechanisms that drive pain, stress and trauma - and how to dial those down. THAT is how I got better.

However, all the knowledge in the world is of little use if a practitioner is unable to communicate it effectively. Understanding the client's history, presenting issues, beliefs, fears, goals and interests are key to developing an effective therapeutic relationship in order to plan, deliver and review appropriately sequenced and themed session content.

Therapeutic alliance is key

I can help YOU make sense of your pain, turn down the volume on it, develop resilience to it and pursue the things that give you joy. My number one goal is to empower you to help yourself.

I offer:



*Individualised Coaching and Movement Education Programmes

My skills and training:

⬤ Somatics ⬤ Clinical Somatic Education (Neuromuscular movement re-education)⬤ Yoga ⬤ Pilates ⬤ Mindfulness Skills ⬤ Relaxation ⬤ Functional Movement⬤ Exercise ⬤ Rehabilitation⬤ Breath ⬤ Pain Education/Therapeutic Neuroscience Education

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Cheryl Lee

07949 895170

  • Registered Somatic Movement Educator

  • Registered Exercise Referral Practitioner

  • Mindfulness Teacher

  • Pain Educator

  • Yoga Teacher

  • Pilates Professional

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