Lifetime Access to a bundle of materials to support your home practice of Somatics.

Your bundle includes:

  • 1 hour general class
  • 20 minute morning vitality session
  • 20 minute evening wind down session
  • Explanatory clips
  • Home practice tips
  • Troubleshooting information
  • Individual clips breaking down key movements
  • Wall chart of key movements
  • Cat stretch sequence infographic
  • Dedicated Facebook group
  • Dedicated forum

Somatics Home Practice Bundle


    Cheryl Lee 07949 895170

    Somatic Educator, Movement Coach, Mindfulness Teacher,

    Pain Educator, Yoga Teacher,

    Pilates Professional,

    Specialist in exercise for back pain (REPS L4)

    Qualified for GP Referral (REPS L3)

    Functional Movement Coach

    Based in Loughborough


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