"We discovered that education is not something which the teacher does, but that it is a natural process which develops spontaneously in the human being."

Maria Montessori

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I'm committed to making high quality resources for my clients.  You can find them below.

My first project was a series of short audio guides - specifically designed for use throughout the working day - called Moments of Calm at Your Desk.  There are 6 guided breathing audios accompanied by an infographic.

The second project was a stand alone breathing exercise- Pigeon Breath - which is presented in  video format and accompanied by an infographic.

My third and current project (November 2018) is a free Facebook social learning group containing an introductory course to Somatics.  You can sign up below. 


Moments of Calm at your Desk Series

Week 1: A Scientific Mantra

Week 2 : Diaphragmatic Breathing

Week 3: Rib Expansion

Rib Expansion Animation

Week 4: Rib Expansion, Abdomen & Pelvic Floor

Dynamic MRI - Abdominal  & Pelvic Movement in Breathing

Week 5: Square breathing exploration.  A somatic take on a common breathing exercise

Week 6: Alternate nostril exploration.  A somatic take on a common breathing exercise that is commonly used to aid relaxation and concentration prior to meditation.

The amazing footage (amplified NMR - pulse based imaging) of the brain moving with respiration shows that our breath moves more than the obvious parts of our bodies.  Movement is life. 

Pigeon Breath

Help for relaxing your body and clearing your mind.


I am a Dru Yoga teacher, and this is a favourite Dru breathing exercise. I find that it slows down my breathing, helps me elongate my out-breath without strain and helps me breathe more deeply without force or striving. It also relaxes my neck, throat and shoulders and a get a nice feeling of expansion in the rib cage. 


I practise for a few minutes for refreshment throughout the day.

Try Somatics

My Free Short Course in Somatics - Project for Novemeber 2018

Somatics is a brain-based movement modality which addresses habitual patterns of tension, stress, co-contraction and muscle-guarding in the body.  It brings awareness to holding and over-recruitment, and it restores movement where there has been lack of movement.  Basically, it is bringing the muscles back under the control of the brain - or if you like, re-acquainting the brain with the real estaste under its control.

Somatics, in the tradition of Thomas Hanna, involves daily movements to remind the brain of the individual's movemen potential.  I am teaching a 5 introductory course in a new Facebook group I have created and am right now in the process of making an infographic to help newcomers to Somatics establish a practice.


  • Movement Snacks - bitesize mobilising and freeing movements you can do in your chair or by your desk

  • The Somatic Cat Stretch Series

  • Somatics when you are in Pain

  • Somatic Relaxation

  • Embodiment Exercises - lessons in visualisation, sensation and awareness

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