"We discovered that education is not something which the teacher does, but that it is a natural process which develops spontaneously in the human being."

Maria Montessori

1:1 Services

I am currently only teaching online.

I will be returning to 1:1 in-person sessions when the covid situation is stable.

Fully Personalised Programmes

Sometimes you need more attention than a class can offer.  Perhaps you are looking for personalised coaching for your yoga and Pilates.  However, you may require a wider perspective than these highly useful and enjoyable but neverthethess limited modalities offer, such as a completely individualised programme to help address specific needs in relation to chronic pain, pain management, pain education, pain relief rehabilitation, back/neck/shoulder/hip/knee pain, pelvic girdle pain, issues around breathing, pelvic floor problems, spinal disorders, anxiety, stress, depression, breathing, movement disorders, functional movement, muscle spasm & tension, flexibility, mobility or supposed 'postural issues'.



My range of skills is quite unique: I am highly qualified in the field of Pilates; hold the Dru Yoga Teaching Diploma; am a qualified Somatic Exercise Coach, and ISMETA Registered Somatic Movement Educator and Clinical Somatic Educator, having graduated the 3 year 500 hour professional training with Martha Peterson of Essential Somatics. I trained in teaching Mindfulness with Mindfulness CIC. I am a certified Sports Massage Therapist and also have the CYQ REPs Level 3 Exercise Referral Diploma, AIQ REPs Level 4 Back Pain Exercise Referral certification and Canrehab Level 4 certification in exercise-based cancer rehabilitation.  I am a registered Exercise Referral Specialist with CIMSPA. I have undergone extensive multi-modality training to assess 'posture' and movement, and am certified to create evidence-based progressive training programmes for back pain.  I have taken several courses in pain and nervous system education and mobilisation with the science-based and evidence-based leaders in the field, Noi Group, producers of the book, 'Explain Pain.'  I have attended world leader in back pain research, Professor Peter O'Sullivan's 'Making Sense of Back Pain course. I am also a qualified Mindfulness Skills teacher.  I keep current of pain science and nervous system health matters. Personal experience and professional interest have led me to begin a deeper study of issues around pelvic pain and the pelvic floor.

My 1:1 in-person sessions are long (at 120 and then 90 minutes) to allow adequate time for consultation and dialogue, Clinical Somatic Education protocols, movement & pain education and coaching/teaching.

What I DON'T Do

I'm not medical.  I'm not a clinician.  I don't diagnose. 


Feedback for 1:1 Clinical Somatic Education packages

Suffering from chronic hip pain for nearly 10 yrs I turned to Somatics. ...I am back properly riding again having been told to give up by a rheumatologist and find all the exercises actually work!


Changed my life in six weeks.

An amazing (lasting) improvement.

Wow! Somatics just has to be experienced to appreciate the positive impact it can have on the mind and body. I would join a group session of somatics with Cheryl any day but a 1:1 is something else and to be highly recommended.

Pain free and armed with the skills needed to remain so!

Such an enormous difference in such a short time, I felt like a new person! Can't recommend it enough!

I was sceptical at first that something which seems as simple and easy to learn as somatics would work, but it has! I’m completely off my GP-prescribed painkillers and in 3 months have gone from constant pain and struggling to walk properly to returning to normal exercise.  Highly recommended!

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