How I deliver my service for in-person classes and workshops

Booking a place on courses and workshops
  • In order for me to deliver safe and effective courses and workshops, participation is dependent on the completion and return of a registration form/medical questionnaire sent to you by e-mail or if desired completed in consultation over the phone.

  • I take provisional reservations for places over the phone or by e-mail, holding the place for 3 working days until the booking is confirmed.

  • Bookings are confirmed by full payment in advance.  Payment details are sent upon inquiry.

  • Payment for workshops and courses is in advance.

  • I reserve the right to alter the tariff or amend/modify/discontinue courses/workshops without prior notice to ensure that maximum standards of service and quality are met.

  • All payments are final and I cannot issue a refund for any reason.


In the unlikely event of having to cancel an event, I will make every effort to notify clients using the contact details I have been given.  Please remember to let me know if contact details change! Refunds or replacement classes will be offered.

We have a brain for one reason and one reason only -- that’s to produce adaptable and complex movements. Movement is the only way we have affecting the world around us… I believe that to understand movement is to understand the whole brain. And therefore it’s important to remember when you are studying memory, cognition, sensory processing, they’re there for a reason, and that reason is action.

Daniel Wolpert

Cheryl Lee 07949 895170

Somatic Educator, Movement Coach, Mindfulness Teacher,

Pain Educator, Yoga Teacher,

Pilates Professional,

Specialist in exercise for back pain (REPS L4)

Qualified for GP Referral (REPS L3)

Functional Movement Coach

Based in Loughborough


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