“The aim is a person that is organized to move with minimum effort and maximum efficiency, not through muscular strength, but through increased consciousness of how movement works.”
Moshe Feldenkrais


Clients seek me out for help with niggling aches and pains, chronic pain, muscle tension or spasm, or for assistance regarding postural improvement, core stability, flexibility, mobility and performance, as well as general health, fitness, well-being and wellness or to learn relaxation, stress reduction, moving meditation and mindfulness in movement.

I have worked with many health complaints, including back pain, nerve pain (neuropathy or neuropathic pain), neck pain, frozen shoulder, TMJ and jaw problems, SI joint dysfunction, bursitis, arthritis, osteoarthritis, herniated disc, slipped disc, sciatica, tendinopathy, breathing difficulties, asthma, anxiety, depression, trauma, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) plantar fasciitis, hip pain, sporting niggles and athletic tightness, insomnia, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, spondylolisthesis, scoliosis, Parkinson's disease and the motor neuron disease PLS.


Somatic movement has proved very effective for clients during pregnancy, and I have worked with a wide range of ages and fitness levels, from teenagers to octogenarians and from the very deconditioned to those wishing to improve athletic performance.

Earlier reviews (before the review app was installed)...

" After spending years (and more money than I dare to think about on various therapies/treatments) trying to resolve constant back pain and various ongoing niggles that were preventing me from running and really getting me down, I discovered Cheryl and Somatics!Even after one one-to-one movement session, I noticed a huge improvement in my pain. Considering that I felt like an old woman before seeing Cheryl, this is a miracle in itself! By doing the movements Cheryl has shown me each day, I now feel like I have a new back and am able to exercise and move freely."

L.H. Loughborough, Apr 2016

"Having had a problem with my back for a number of years, and having tried lots of different treatments which only had short term affect, I was intrigued to try Hanna Somatics when I saw Cheryls advert.It is a completely different type of exercise and I have found it very beneficial, reducing the amount of pain I have and allowing me increased movement. I would certainly recommend it. "

S.M. Loughborough, Mar 2016

"I started Somatics in January. I have had lower back pain for years and in recent years general joint pain from arthritis in shoulder, wrist and knees, SI joint which was painful to touch and bursitis in the hip, which caused pain down my thigh. The hip and thigh were very painful in bed and it was difficult walking upstairs. My physiotherapist suggested I try Somatics and I will be forever grateful to her.I had an initial appointment with Cheryl, who is gentle, kind and patient followed by weekly one to one sessions and I cannot believe the improvements I have made. After a few weeks the SI joint was hardly painful to touch. The pain from the bursitis in the hip and down the thigh has improved greatly and I can walk up stairs much easier. Getting out of the chair is much easier as well. The shoulder joints have more movement. The movements are gentle and easy and you are not spending hours doing them. Some other things that have improved: -I can reach high shelves without getting a ladder -I have less stiffness after doing gardening if I do Somatics -I can get out of the car easier -I could not be touched on my right arm and shoulder - I would tense up. Now I can let Cheryl move my arm. -I can now put my hands behind my head to do some movements -I now feel able to plan a holiday which will involve a lot of driving. I am not saying I am pain free, but I have only been doing these movements for about 8 weeks and I have had chronic pain for years. I am still stiff in the mornings, but after doing some movements I am much better and I do not need painkillers to help me get going in the morning. Much of the day is pain free. I sleep better - so I feel better."

C.S, Loughborough, Mar 2016

"Wow! Somatics just has to be experienced to appreciate the positive impact it can have on the mind and body. I have just completed a course with a small group. Each occasion became "ME" time as Cheryl encouraged us with clear verbal instructions to be mindful of how our bodies were feeling that day and to focus and become thoughtfully aware of the effect on the body of each movement as we carried out an exercise. What especially appealed to me was the emphasis on practising each exercise very slowly and to a limit that avoids strain. Breathing is controlled and integral. The word "melting"aptly describes how you gently release back, relax and begin again. Somatics can be useful to everyone and even practised sitting in a chair. I cannot speak too highly of Cheryl's expertise as an exponent of somatics. Cheryl's classes have made me a somatics enthusiast! 1

I have had the good fortune of attending 1:1 sessions with Cheryl. She applied her considerable knowledge and expertise to assess a problem I have with the right shoulder. Accordingly she tailored her "hands on" techniques for therapeutic touch and work on appropriate areas to alleviate the discomfort. Also I practised exercises which were built up in stages for me to perfect and thus enabled me to establish muscle memory so helpful when practising at home. For me to give feedback to Cheryl and to discuss purpose and therefore gain understanding of a movement was a valuable aspect of a 1:1 session. I believe such dialogue enhances knowledge and somatics becomes more meaningful.
I would join a group session of somatics with Cheryl any day but a 1:1 is something else and to be highly recommended."

C.F. Loughborough, Feb 2016

"Cheryl is a dedicated and inspiring teacher of Somatics, using her understanding of the body to create tailor made sessions to address areas of pain or discomfort. After each session with  her I felt a real difference in the muscles that had been tight or locked up. It doesn't stop there as she then provides her clients with ongoing exercises to continue training those muscles to be used freely and without restriction. 
It is fascinating to have someone with real expertise observe how you walk, sit, stand and then give you feedback and suggestions of how all those everyday activities can be adjusted to allow full and free movement.
I wholeheartedly recommend her! "

N.W. Loughborough, Jan 2016

"Cheryl and somatics have changed my life in 6 weeks (6 one to one). I had a muscle spasm of my entire back and neck that last 2 years. I suffered from constant pain, I could not sleep well, I was always tired and I felt heavy and old. I was trapped in my own muscles that each day were more painful and stiff. Simple exercises made daily have almost made me back to being the person I use to be. Now a can move my neck again and sleep! Thank you very much Cheryl for your great help and the love and the passion with which you do your job. "

L.G. Loughborough, Dec 2015

"I'm becoming aware that some of the movements in my daily life are contributing to my stiffness problems. After a few Somatics sessions I'm learning how to release the build up of tension, periodically throughout the day, using simple somatic techniques.
Through a combination of daily awareness and Somatics floor movements, a problem with chronic stiffness on the left side (which I have had for at least 2 years) has resolved. I particularly like the 'flower' movement, which has become part of my daily routine.".

J.C. Loughborough, Dec 2015

"I contacted Cheryl because I was suffering with sciatica and arranged to have some one to one sessions.  Cheryl was very thorough with her assessment and individualised exercises that she provided me with.  I found Cheryl to be extremely helpful and caring and took time to ensure that I fully understood the exercises that she was giving me.  Cheryl provides full support outside of each session by sending an email with full and clear instructions of exercises to do between sessions.  Can't thank Cheryl enough for her help with my sciatica and helping me to remain supple throughout my body.  Thank you Cheryl."

K.R. Mountsorrel, Nov 2015

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the whole somatics experience with Cheryl Lee. I have struggled for two years with disc problems, backpain, leg pain and numbness in my foot. I tried physio, painkillers and was given injections but nothing helped. I was told by healthcare professionals that I had to either accept my condition and continue with pain management or else have a spinal fusion which might not even help. I felt rock bottom. Until I met Cheryl and discovered somatics. It has transformed my life and I almost feel like the old me again. After two months of working on the set of movements Cheryl taught me I can do so much more than before, I am nearly completely pain free, I just need to work on getting full strength and mobility back. I dont mind setting aside some time each day to do the quick, easy, enjoyable 'movements' if it means I am keeping on top of my back and muscle problems. I will make sure I carry on with my routine and hopefully see even more improvements over time, putting my pain problems behind me. I am very grateful to have met Cheryl,  who was the first person to actually really try to understand my complete set of issues and started working straight away on a treatment which actually works. She is extremely professional and thorough and explained things easily. I would recommend somatics with Cheryl to absolutely anyone with aches and pains. I can look forward to the future now."

J.W,  Bottesford, Nov 2015

"I have had the pleasure of working with Cheryl for the last few months.  I was completely ignorant of somatics when I joined her yoga class, but I really enjoyed some of the elements that she brought into the class, seemly simple, but actually as I realised the more I practised, they require a very different mind-set.  I was used to pushing my body to its limit in yoga, and with somatics it was about listening to your body, focussing on muscles that we don’t normally pay any attention, and specifically not forcing a stretch and certainly not causing any pain.  But as ever the little voice inside says, but how can this really help?

What I discovered from working with Cheryl in her workshops and through one to one sessions was that these seemingly innocuous movements can make a huge difference.  The first thing I noticed was that when I was lying on the floor the arch in back was smaller.  The lovely luxurious movement of arch and flatten and then arch and curl was helping to ease years of having a ‘dodgy lower back’.  Lying on my back on the floor was easier and so much more comfortable.

My somatics conversion was cemented when I was moving a piece of furniture and I twisted awkwardly and immediately felt a pain in my back as the muscles went into spasm.  At first I was unable to move, but when I could I immediately laid down on the floor, and to start with did some gentle pulling rope, then as I was able to do more, I did the washrag and gradually moved to arch and flatten and back lifts.  I didn’t need any pain killers and by the next morning, I was able to move around normally without pain.

I have used somatics on several occasions since then, when I have tweaked my back or been pulled or twisted unexpectedly by my excitable dog, and each time I’ve been amazed at the difference it makes.  The side bend has really helped with the twists.

As if I needed any further proof, in one of my later sessions with Cheryl we did a lot of work on my shoulders.  Cheryl always takes before and after photographs and the change in my posture after the session was almost unbelievable.  My overall posture was more aligned, with my head more balanced over my body, my shoulders were no longer tipped forward and generally everything looked more square and equalised.  It was another revelation about the power of these amazing movements.

An important aspect of somatics is that you can do these movements yourself at home.  So Cheryl sends you videos of the movements so you can practise at home.  She is also very understanding of how life gets in the way of our very good intentions, so we’ve talked about how to maximise the time I have available to do somatics, including doing some of the movements in bed before I get up.  An amazing way to start the morning!

Finally, working with Cheryl is an absolute pleasure, her knowledge and passion for somatics and how mind and body are inextricably linked is completely obvious and very infectious.  Her absolute intention is to empower the individual to be able to make these changes themselves at home.  In getting to that point, this has been a fun and enlightening journey that I hope to continue.  With deep gratitude to Cheryl for introducing me to somatics.."

R.B,  Loughborough, Sept 2015

"I asked for help from Cheryl after suffering persistent pain in the back of one leg, which was preventing me from running and generally getting me down. Cheryl carried out a thorough assessment and gave me an individualised programme of exercises. Her one to one sessions guided me through exercises with clear and concise instruction, supported with invaluable written and visual material to assist practice at home. Cheryl is a very positive and professional therapist. I have since attended her group classes, workshops and clinical sessions. I'm pain free and armed with the skills needed to remain so!"

R.S,  Loughborough, Aug 2015

"I saw Cheryl after nine months of chronic lower back pain that was badly disturbing my sleep. I had tried various therapies and forms of exercise but I just kept getting worse. I even had a health professional tell me this was normal due to 'my age' (forty!!). I was exhausted and feeling very low from the lack of sleep and the prospect of having this constant pain for the rest of my life. I heard about Somatics from a friend and hoped it could help me, but expected to need lots of sessions as my muscles were so tight. 


After one week of doing the exercises Cheryl taught me I started to feel my muscles relax. One week later the pain started easing and I was able to sleep again. This was like a miracle, such an enormous difference in such a short time, I felt like a new person! Week by week I continued to see improvements and six weeks after my first session I can say I have no pain. 


I showed the exercises to my mum who had been suffering back pain for months too and within two weeks she also felt a huge difference and now does Somatics every day.


I find the exercises are like a meditation, you do need to slow down and focus, I really enjoy doing them.


I am now so much more aware of how I use my body and can spot quickly when there is tension, and very importantly now I know what to do about it before it builds up. I find this extremely empowering.


Somatics is an amazing gift. I am ever so grateful to have found Cheryl (just round the corner from me!), she is very supportive, caring and encouraging, and her sessions are an absolute pleasure. Can't recommend it enough!

F.S, Loughborough, June 2015


A big thanks to Cheryl for the brilliant way she teaches Somatics, the lovely ambiance she generates and the follow up support.

Looking forward to the next class as I really do feel the benefit, both in mind and (aged) body.

D. D, Loughborough, April 2015

"I went to a great somatics workshop put on by Cheryl and liked it so much I plan to attend her weekly class and hope somatics will cure my backache.  The exercises are so gentle with no difficult poses to get into!

M.T, Rothley, March 2015

"I attended my first Somatics workshop, geared towards back pain. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience learning movements to help the spine. Cheryl is a great teacher, explaining everything thoroughly and offering alternatives if a movement is difficult for some reason. The size of the group was perfect and the refreshments were delicious! Highly recommend that you try a workshop or class if you have a particular problem or just want to understand how your body moves and how to care for it!"

C.S, Shepshed, March 2015

"I attended my first Somatics workshop, geared towards back pain. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience learning movements to help the spine. Cheryl is a great teacher, explaining everything thoroughly and offering alternatives if a movement is difficult for some reason. The size of the group was perfect and the refreshments were delicious! Highly recommend that you try a workshop or class if you have a particular problem or just want to understand how your body moves and how to care for it!"

C.S, Shepshed, March 2015

"Thank you for the fantastic class you gave at the 24 hour charity fundraising event in aid of disability martial arts.  I really enjoyed trying yoga for the first time and look forward to joining you in one of your classes soon."

L.W Loughborough, Feb 2015

I had been struggling for two years with a host of pains in my back, neck and hips. The result of old injuries, 4 pregnancies, 4 caesareans, and the general stresses of life and work in the 21st century especially long hours in the car and at the computer. I knew it was chronic muscle tension but simply could not release my muscles. The crunch came when i went to get on a canal boat and could not lift my leg to step onto the boat. I cried. I fell in the street. I cried. I couldn't exercise. Any sudden movement hurt. I became frightened of moving.


I felt like overnight I had become an ‘old woman’, tired, stiff and aching– and there were plenty of sites on the internet (and ‘friends’ ) to say ‘Yes, dear, it’s the menopause’ Virtually, – “This is it I am afraid. Life is  over.”  I didn't believe it but nothing seemed to help. I was really miserable. I wanted someway of helping myself – not relying on something external – a person to fix me.  Finally found somatics.


I can honestly say within 2 weeks my body not only feels different but looks different. Instead of the feeling of have been squashed and compressed i feet open and taller. I seem to have a waist! I can feel areas of my upper back that I haven't felt in years. It is like someone has taken off a suit of armour. I have more energy and it seems the years have just rolled back.


I love doing the exercises and am so pleased I have found a way to help myself – and remind myself that life does not have to be so hard!!

E.C, Loughborough, March 2015

I went to see Cheryl for help with my lower back pain caused by my SI joints. She put together a flexible programme for me based mainly on somatics with modern pilates and some yoga breathing. I was sceptical at first that something which seems as simple and easy to learn as somatics would work, but it has! I’m completely off my GP-prescribed painkillers and in 3 months have gone from constant pain and struggling to walk properly to returning to normal exercise (although with a new sense of my own body and what I should and shouldn’t do).  This new awareness of the tension held in my body and how to release this using breathing exercises has also meant I’ve also been able to reduce my asthma inhaler use. Cheryl’s 6 week programme of long one-to-one sessions allowed us to cover the exercises in-depth so that I fully understood them and was able to go away and do them in my own time with confidence. Her flexible approach also allowed us to tailor the programme as we went along adding in different exercises in response to my progress. Highly recommended!

V.S, Sileby, Feb 2015

"So sad Cheryl no longer lives in our area.  her teaching was most informative, enlightening, exciting, refreshing.  Good luck, Cheryl."

M. Butterworth, Thornton

I have so enjoyed your yoga classes this past month and thank you so much do introducing me to this wonderful experience. You really are a BRILLIANT yoga teacher. Not into because of your delivery and well planned classes but also because you genuinely care not only for the people attending but also for the art of yoga itself. I'll definitely be carrying on but it will be difficult to find a teacher as great as you.

P. L. Bradford

"I have found your classes incredibly useful and you as a teacher are very accommodating to my pregnancy and the positions I am able to be in. Your knowledge is great and I feel very safe and in control with you.  I am looking forward to implementing the breathing techniques and some positions in labour!   I would be very keen to return to your classes when I am ready after my baby has been born."

Carrie Stephenson, Thornton

really enjoy the class and love the relaxation, Cheryl's passion and dedication shows in the class. Have and would recommended to friends that are new and old to yoga. Great way to rest body and mind.

Emma Robinson, Leaventhorpe

​"An engaging and professional teacher, Cheryl managed to get more from myself than I ever imagined! Being a 'full on' sporty person I never really thought pilates was for me- how wrong I was! I have never felt so supple, strong and good about myself. I would truly encourage any 'non believer' to go ahead and give it a try. You will never meet a more informed and personable teacher than Cheryl."

Sharon Stamp, Wilsden

​"After Cheryl’s classes I really felt as though I was walking tall.  My posture improved, tension just melted away and I felt relaxed and stress-free."

Sheila Sheppard, Rishworth

A MASSIVE THANK YOU for introducing me to Dru Yoga. I think I've found the 'elixir of life'!  I really feel that Dru Yoga, whilst not curing Rheumatoid Arthritis, is going to be an amazing weapon in my battle against it. I think you have got a lifetime convert now! I love it!

E. L.  Bradford

From the first class I have felt welcome and safe, I have never felt left out if I cannot do certain exercises as Cheryl will offer an alternative. At other classes I have been to I have often felt left out due to my physical limitations but at Cheryl’s class there are a good mix of people who have injuries etc. It has been five years since my pain started and  Cheryl’s class is the only one that I have felt really welcome at, I love being part of a small class as it’s more friendly and Cheryl always has time for each person. Everything that we do is explained clearly and the class is delivered in a fun but professional way."

Nicola Scott, Thornton


Cheryl's enthusiasm for yoga is infectious and she both demonstrates and explains clearly everything she teaches.  She is excellent at incorporating exercises/postures - or adapting them - to suit the  needs of individual class members


Angela Charlesworth, Thornton


I have always been ever so slightly sceptical about alternative ways of achieving the so needed inner peace and relaxation and frankly I have never been able to completely let go of the physical and mental tension. Since I had my first "taster" of Dru yoga and only 3 sessions later (under the encouraging and motivating guidance of Cheryl) I have been astonished by the results. Feeling free of tension, harmonious and in balance with the world inside and around me. I will highly recommend this type of yoga! Thank you Cheryl!

Zheny Yankova, Bradford