"The basic somatic task during our lifetime is to gain greater and greater control over ourselves, learning to flow with the stress and trauma of life, like a cork floating on top of the waves".
Thomas Hanna


Free Somatics Short Course Project


This practice CHANGED MY LIFE

Ok, first of all, some background... I developed chronic pain after the traumatic birth of my son. For years I was severely limited in my movement, unable to do daily tasks and feeling hopeless and helpless as a Mother, wife, employee.  I was told that physiotherapy could do nothing more for me and advised to start using a wheelchair. I won't go into the details here, but when I discovered Somatics, my eyes, senses and mind opened, and my life changed. Physically and mentally, I got to know myself and improve on what I found. I now want to share what I have learned with as many people as I can.

Learn with others in a unique supportive environment

I have created a new free Somatics social learning group on Facebook.  The idea is to give people an opportunity to try Somatics and begin a home practice.  Over 5 Units I will teach some basic Somatics movements and offer the opportunity for questions and comments.

Ease pain, reduce tension, move better, relax more

Somatics is a brain-based movement modality which addresses habitual patterns of tension, stress, co-contraction and muscle-guarding in the body.  It brings awareness to holding and over-recruitment, and helps restore movement where there has been lack of movement.   A practice in Somatics helps reduce muscular aches, pains and tension, reminds you how to move with ease and helps you feel greater sense of comfort and spaciousness in the body.  It is mindful, conscious & embodied.

Use it or lose it!

The brain forgets things, and it gets good at what you habitually do. So if you're sitting at a desk all day you'll get pretty good at that, but maybe not so good at rolling, twisting, bending, squatting, reaching, climbing, dancing, hiking and running - and moving well and with ease in your daily life.  The specific movements of Somatics bring your muscles back under the control of the brain - re-acquainting the brain with the real estate it has at its disposal. Somatics, in the tradition of Thomas Hanna, involves daily movements to remind the brain of the individual's movement potential. 

These movements are simple, enjoyable, interesting and fun.


Join my social learning group to see for yourself!

You will :

  • develop and improve your ability to sense your own body

  • learn 4 foundational somatic movements

  • learn and practise simple, fun, pleasurable and interesting movements to help mitigate daily tension and stress, so that your nervous system can move you and hold you up more efficiently

  • learn simple movement and relaxation strageties to reduce tension, ease pain and improve mobility that can serve you well for the rest of your life

  • learn how to establish a regular daily practice in Somatics

  • receive help to enable you to reflect on and improve your practice

  • learn with others in a supportive environment

  • have lifetime access to the resources and teaching learning materials offered in this free group

"Everything that happens to us during our lives causes a necessary reaction in our central nervous system. Our brain responds to and adpats to the events that occur. If we live a restricted, narrow life, our brain adapts to it. If we suffer years of anxiety, fear and despair our brain adpats to it. If we suffer shocks, accidental injury, serious illness or complex surgery our brain responds and adapts to it.

On the other hand, if we enjoys years of contentment, confidence and hope, our brain adapts to that.  And with very different effects.

The brain is an adaptive organ.It responds to the events in our lives in whatever way is necessary in order to survive and keep going. But, because the brain directly or indirectly controls all of our bodily functions, this means that our entire body reflects what has happened to us during our lifetimes".
Thomas Hanna